Windows 10 has brought the voice command enabled personal digital assistant Cortana along with it. Cortana has found huge functionality and customization options with Windows 10. It not only provides you with solutions to all your online queries, but also help you in better management of your daily life events. For e.g Cortana can set alarm for you, open mail, set reminder, wake you up from sleep with alarm and even fun features like telling stories to user.

Cortana to be able to wake your Windows 10 PC from standby very soon

Cortana in Windows is enhanced with new technologies like Intel’s Smart Sound Technology which will give her a new ability i.e. to wake up you Windows 10 PC. If you want Cortana to wake up your computer from standby mode, all you need to do is to tell Cortana, “Hey Cortana, wake up my PC”. Your computer will subtly turn on by following your command.

You can watch the video to understand the functionality in more details and learn how it works. Right now neither Microsoft nor Intel has given any probable date when the feature will be effective in Cortana. But it can be assumed that it will make appearance with the release of the Smart Sound Technology.


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