Although you’ve loved your MacBook and used it tirelessly for the last few years, you’ve decided that it’s time for you to upgrade to the newest Mac technology and move on. Yet, you don’t want to simply donate your Mac. Instead, you want to get the most value possible for your Mac and ensure that it finds a good home. 

Follow these tips to get the most money from selling your Mac or your MacBook Pro.

Look At Multiple Websites That Accept Used Macs

When selling your MaBook Pro, you’ll want to do some research on all of the different places that will accept your Mac for cash. There might be places in your town that will pay you to take in your Mac to then resell it, but many of these have closed temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead you’ll find that you’ll have more options for selling your Mac if you look at possible venues online.

Top Tips For Selling Your MacBook Pro Online

While there are many advantages to sell your MacBook online, you’ll want to research different websites to ensure that you’re getting the most money from your Mac.

Check Out Different Price Offering

You’ll find that every website will offer a different price for your Mac. These prices can vary greatly based on the condition of your Mac as well. Some websites will offer you more money if your Mac has more superficial issues because they have an in-house team that is able to quickly, and cheaply, fix your Mac before putting it on their website to be sold. Other companies don’t have this in-house team, so they’ll only be willing to offer you more money if your Mac is in an extremely good condition. 

Look At The Reviews Of The Resale Company

Unfortunately not every resale technology website on the internet is a legitimate enterprise. You’ll want to check out any reviews that are on the company’s website or are on a third-party app that covers the company to determine if the website is a true business or not. Nothing would be worse than selling your Mac only to find that you’ve been scammed.

Reviews of the site will also be able to let you know if other customers feel like they received a fair price for their Mac and if the company sent payment in a timely manner. 

Wipe Your MacBook Pro’s Hard Drive

After you’ve decided on the company that you’re selling your MacBook Pro too, you’ll want to erase all of the data and information from your harddrive. While no one at the company should be touching your personal information, they can’t ensure that your data will be safe with the person they sell your Mac to. 

The best way to wipe your hard drive is through resetting the MacBook Pro to its factory settings. While there are other ways to erase the data off of your Mac, this is the only way to ensure that all of your data will be gone. 



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