Accidentally deleted data can be restored by use of various available data recovery mechanisms like the use of Disk Drill Data Recovery for Windows. In this article, we are exploring the methods involved in recovering obliterated folders on windows 10. 

However, not all the available methods are applicable on earlier versions of Windows. For example, File History is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 but it is not present in windows 7 and older.

Windows Backup is present in Windows 7 and all recent versions of Windows, while Data Recovery Software can vary on their compatibility with Windows. Disk Drill is however applicable in Windows 7 SP1 and above while the Windows File Recovery is used only on Windows 10 2004 and above. 

So, as we are about to break down, not all the data recovery software & services are be applicable on older Windows versions, and it therefore, means that you must understand which Data Recovery tool can be of benefit when you want to restore lost data.

Method One : Restoring Deleted Folder From Previous Versions On Windows 10

Usually, Windows 10 has a self mechanism of protecting its users against data loss, it creates automatic copies of files and folders, also known as previous versions. 

Restoring folders from previous versions is possible when windows 10 creates a system restore point that contains the deleted folder, or you must have activated File History for folder back up. The steps involved are:

  • Open file explorer
  • Navigate to the folder that used to contain the folder
  • On right-clicking on the folder, select Restore previous versions option
  • Choose the most recent Previous Version containing the folder to be restored
  • Click Open and then Open in File History so as to verify that indeed the Previous Version contains the folder to restore
  • Now go back and click Restore to undelete your desired folder

Method Two: Restore Permanently Deleted Folder From Windows Backup  

By using the backup and restore feature, it is possible to restore folders by opening the Control Panel and navigating through the process. This is achievable if you already have manually created backup or you have configured Backup and Restore to automatically initiate backups for you. The following steps are followed:

  • Open the Start Menu, type “ control panel,” and click enter >
  • Then navigate to System and Security > Backup and Restore 
  • Click on Restore my files button.
  • Select Browse for folders to search through the contents of the backup
  • Once there, locate the folder you want restored and click on Add folder
  • Click on Next, specify the location you want to contain the restored folder, and then 
  • Click on Restore

Method Three: Recovery Of Deleted Folders Using Data Recovery Software 

Indisputably, data backups are very helpful on matters data restoration, backups are reliable and they should be created regularly to update on the latest data backed up

For you to restore folders using this method, ensure that the content of the folder is has not been overwritten.  Windows 10 2004 and above have a data utility known as Windows File Recovery which can be downloaded freely from Microsoft store. 

In order to restore a deleted folder by way of Windows File Recovery, follow the following prompts:

  • First, download and then install the software utility from the Microsoft Store
  • Initiate Windows File Recovery and allow it to make changes on your devise when asked to
  • Enter the command: winfr source-drive: destination –drive:/n<filter> (modify it to fit your data loss situation)

The following methods are proven methods to recover deleted folder on Windows 10

How do I Restore A Deleted Folder Using Disk Drill? 

Disk Drill developed by Cleverfiles is a free data recovery software with graphical user interface.  Although Windows File Recovery is free and can perform so well to recover deleted files of different formats like NTFS and FAT. Follow the steps below. 

  • Download and install the data recovery software from its original website
  • Secondly, launch Disk Drill and allow it to make changes on your PC
  • Select the storage device where the deleted folder was located and then click on Search for lost data
  • Add the deleted folder to your recovery queue using the checkbox next to it and then finally 
  • Click Restore while specifying the recovery destination.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files From The Recycle Bin? 

This method can only be used if the recycle bin has not been emptied permanently. The following is the procedure involved: 

  • On the recycle bin, double-click the tab Open
  • Choose the folder you want to recover
  • Right-click the folder and then click on restore


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