Cortana is an all square digital assistant of Windows OS. One one hand she can manage your mails, meetings and reminders, on the other hand she can light up your mood with stories, jokes, songs and so on. As time is passing by, Microsoft is incorporating many new features to Cortana. So now she can be you perfect DJ by managing your music player just like you command. It’s quite amazing. All you need is a good quality Microphone to help Cortana listen to you more precisely and clearly. If you want to know Cortana learn your voice, you can also do it. Learn it here

How to make Cortana in Windows 10 be your personal DJ

If you want Cortana play a song for you, just say for e.g.: “Play Hotel California”

You can sort by artists : “Play songs by Celine Dion”

If you want Cortana to play songs by album, say for example: “Play Thriller”, “Play album Thriller by Michael Jackson”

If you have n song in mind, but you want sonfs for a particular mood, you can ask Cortana to play a particular Genre. Cortana will play songs of that Genre: “Play jazz”, “Play rock music”

Some other way you can command her are as follows:

Playlist: “Play My Favorites playlist”
Shuffle: “Shuffle the music”, “Shuffle off”
Resume: “Resume music”
Pause: “Pause music”, “Stop playing”
Previous: “Play the previous track”
Next: “Play the next track”


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