Tablet computers have come far since its release more than a decade ago. In many instances, has replaced laptop computers because of their size and portability. A smartphone can already do so much, but if you take it further it will land you into using a tablet. It has the connectivity of a smartphone with the size of a full-length computer screen without its other peripherals.

Although there are a number of Windows tablets available, there is still a prevalent preference for Android-based tablets. The convenience of using tablets makes it popular among students in their studies. It is not uncommon that college students prefer the best note-taking tablet because of its wide array of uses. Notes taken on your tablet can easily be managed and organized so you won’t lose track of what’s important. The use of tablet computers also goes beyond taking notes because it can also be your one storage device for all your book references. You can buy the online license of the book and download it on your tablet. If you’re using a tablet with a wider display and glare-free it would mean easy reading for you even if you’re outside under direct sunlight.  Incorporating the comprehensive Windows tools into these devices makes it a more complete tool for them. Here’s how to install Windows to your Android Tablet:

Download and Install Change My Software App

On your PC download the Change My Sofware App. Various versions of the app are available for the different versions of Windows.

Enable Developer on Android Device

Go to your tablet’s Settings and go to Developer Options. If it’s not there then it means it’s not yet activated. To enable, go to Settings and select About and click on the unit’s Build Number until a message prompts that you’re now a developer.

USB Debugging

You can now go to the Developer Options and select USB Debugging.

Connect Android to PC

Via the USB device, connect your Android tablet to your PC. Launch the Change My Software App on your PC.

Select Windows version

Once you launched the app, select Android and the version of Windows you want to install on your tablet. Click on the tab to continue.

Select Language

The app will prompt you to select a Language. Once you select your language, it will start to download the necessary Windows drivers. You will need to have a good and fast Internet connection at this juncture.


After downloading the necessary drivers, click on Install. You will be given an option to Remove Android to prevent dual-booting but if you want to keep your Android OS you can just ignore this part. It is important that you do not interrupt the installation process so it’s advised to charge your Android device’s battery as well as your PCs’ if you’re using a laptop.


You will be prompted if once all of the Window’s features and drivers are done installing, and your device will reboot automatically. At this point, you can boot your device on Windows or Android and can use its tools and features fully.

android tablet

The app is not supported by Android nor by Microsoft but this is a gray area exercise. Additionally, this app is one of the widely used for this purpose but caution for your data should be considered. This will also void warranties on your Android device so if you’re thinking to use Windows for your tablet computer it should be used for a special purpose only. 


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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