Windows 10 has included some optional features which are in-built in the operating system but not installed by default. The Graphics Tool is one such package. The Graphic Tools are needed for users who use Visual Studio to develop DirectX apps or games. The tools have many utility features like Graphics debugging, tracing Direct3D calls, inspection of parameters, analyzing Direct3D calls, experiments with shaders and many more. Visual Studio has a Graphics Frame Analysis tool that operates on graphics debugging log. It also collects all necessary information to draw Direct3D calls. The Graphics tools also consist of GPU Usage which lets you analyse and track GPU use in real time and at the same time collects and analyzes the timing data of the workloads.

Steps to Install and Uninstall Graphics Tools in Windows 10?

1. Open the Start Menu, go to Settings and tap on System.


2. Go to Apps and features.

Apps and features

3. In the right panel, tap Manage Additional Features.

Manage additional features

4. Now click on Add a Feature.

Add a feature

5. Now scroll down and find out Graphic Tools. Tap on it and click Install. The tools will be installed.

6. If you want to install it, then perform upto step 3 and scroll down to find out the installed features. Select graphic Tools and click Uninstall.


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