Color Profiles determine how color looks on your monitor. Color Profiles of a computer are regulated by Internarional Color Consortium. Color profiles vary from model to model and the profiles are always in compliance with the device specifications. However, if you want, you can install different color profiles on your computer. It is always recommended to keep the color profile as it comes with the device from factory. But if someone else has altered the settings, or any bug has changed the color profiles, then this article will be helpful to you.

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While installing color profiles, always remember that the most important factor here is Monitor Model. Usually, if you have messed up with your PC’s color profile, then you must install the profile that gives your monitor the best look. The model number of monitor for a laptop is usually located underneath the device. If you have desktop, then the model number is there on the package box. Below the name of the manufacturer, you will find the model number. Once you get the model number, you have to search for the model numbers in the internet. If you find that the manufacturer is still selling the model, then your following work will be easy, else you have to go through some additional steps.

So if your monitor is still there in the market, i.e. not became obsolete, then you will be able to find color profiles for the model. Official color profiles can be downloaded from the manufacturer website. Many other websites also provide similar profiles. Download the color profile. It is an extremely tiny file around 5KB size. if you have multiple monitors, then download color profiles for each of the monitors.

Next, you have to install the display driver for your monitor. Remember, you have to download display driver and not anything else. Often new users download video drivers and then face additional issues besides the existing ones. If the display driver is an EXE file, then straightaway install the exe file. If it’s a zip file, extract it. Inside, you will find an ICC file.

Open Windows Search or Cortana for Windows 10. Type Color Management and select the app from the search result. If you have multiple monitors, click the ‘Identify monitors’. After identifying the right monitor, open the ‘Device’ dropdown menu. Select your monitor.

Then enable the ‘Us my settings for this device’ option.
Next, click on ‘Add’ and select the ICC file you downloaded to install the color profile.

Click ‘Close’.

That’s all


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