Scanner is a commonly used device for copying any hard format text or image and convert it into the digital format. Every office has innumerable scanning devices. Nowadays, scanners are used for personal purposes at home. Now the office or home scanners do their jobs decently, but cannot be considered as high end scanners. The quality and speed of scanning is not comparable to that of an industrial use scanner. Office scanners are flatbed scanners that come along with printers. The industrial use scanners produce fine quality images, but the devices have hefty price tags. If you are using scanner for personal reasons, then the high priced devices may not be worth buying.

How To Improve The Quality Of A Scanned Image with Microsoft Lens

Nowadays, most of us rely on our smartphone cameras. If the smartphone has a decent 7-8 MP minimum resolution, then the phone camera can capture pictures of the text documents and edit it using a scanner application or simply capture a photo using the scanner app camera.

Now, if you’re scanning something with text, and later intend to use an OCR app, you might want to ameliorate the quality of a scanned image first.

The following article will help you to improve the quality of a scanned image.

As mentioned already that there is a plethora of great scanning applications available for Android and iOS devices. One free and efficient scanning app is the Microsoft Office product- Microsoft Lens. Microsoft Office Lens can detect a page and separate it from the surface on which it is lying. The application is super efficient and can detect and straighten documents even after scanning is complete. The app can also scan an image to PDF.

For improving the quality of the scanned image, you will need an advanced image editing app. You can use either Photoshop or GIMP, as long as it lets you change the color levels in the image. Go to Photoshop, navigate to the following location: Image>Adjustments>Levels. On GIMP, it is under Color>Levels.

You will probably need to manipulate the levels, and at times the saturation to improve the quality of a scanned image. The levels tool can adjust the brightness of the black and white in your image, as well as the mid-range i.e. the grey tone in the image.


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