How To Fix Wow-64.exe Application Error In World Of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is an extremely popular game, with humongous global fan base. But this game is often accompanied by some issues and bugs. Many users have encountered the Wow-64.exe application error. This error prevents the game from launching. Either the game freezes or does not open at all. You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

There are three main methods to fix the wow-64.exe issue:

  • Refreshing the World of Warcraft cache.
  • Fix the WoW repair tool.
  • Turn off Anti-virus temporarily.

Refresh World of Warcraft Cache

The first simple step that may do wonder is refreshing the game cache. If the game is open, close it. If you cannot close the game normally, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to open the Task manager. Go to Process. Find the World of Warcraft process, right click and click End Process.

Next, go to File Explorer, and navigate to the installation directory. If you cannot find the installation directory, right click on the application icon, and select Open File Location. As you reach the installation directory, look out for the Cache folder. Delete the folder.

Do not worry, now when you launch the game, a new cache will be created. But this process has the maximum success rate of solving the wow-64.exe application.

World of Warcraft Repair Tool

World of Warcraft has an in-built repair tool which is very effective. The first method will work best when the application is not opening at all. But if the app is opening but freezing mid-way, then running the repair tool for once can solve the problem. The process of running the in-built repair tool is very easy. All you need to do is click on the Options menu. Then from the drop down list, select Scan and Repair. If there is any internal file, which is bearing the bug, then the scan and repair function can remove the bug file.

Turn Off The Anti-Virus Temporarily

You can try this method before everything else. Surprisingly the wow-64.exe application has been fixed for many users when they turned off the anti-virus service temporarily. Right click on the anti-virus application and click Disable. Different anti-virus have different methods of turning them off. Do it and restart your computer. If you find that this solved your problem, then go to your anti-virus settings, and alter the settings so that it does not include the game during the scan.


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