While using the run window to open certain settings option like registry editor, Services, Local group Policy Editor or device manager, you have to know the run window commands. Typing the name simply won’t work. You have to know the exact commands, but remembering the exact commands is not always possible. So, is there any way out? Yes, of course. There is an option called autocomplete for file explorer and run window in Windows 10. Enabling the Autocomplete option will help you get the exact command just by typing the initial few words. The following tutorial will help you enable/disable Autocomplete for file explorer in Windows 10.

Steps To Enable/Disable Autocomplete For File Explorer In Windows 10

1. If you want to enable autocomplete for File explorer, you will need administrative rights. This means you have to sign in to your device as admin, using your Live account.
2. Now press Windows+R Open the Windows Registry

select user

Go to the following location.


3. If the AutoComplete key doesn’t exist, create it under the Explorer key. To create it, right click on the Explorer key, go to New and select Key. Name it Autocomplete.

select user

4. The next step includes creation of a value. So, select the Autocomplete key. Right click in an empty space in the right panel. Go to New, select String value and name it Autosuggest
5. Inside the AutoComplete key, there should be a value named AutoSuggest. If it isn’t there, you will have to create it. Right-click in the right pane and select New>String Value. Name it AutoSuggest and set its value to ‘yes’.

select user

6. That’ all. If you want to remember the commands and not want to use the autocomplete feature, then you can turn off the feature by simply setting the AutoSuggest feature to No.

select user

That’s all. Hope this article has helped you.


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