Microsoft has recently introduced an interesting feature that was supposed to be exclusively for the Dev Channel. The new feature is nothing but an overflow system that places apps on a fly out, when the taskbar attains it’s maximum capacity of displaying apps. 

Even though the feature was meant to be Dev Channel exclusive, but the feature could be found in the lastest Beta version. The changelog for the Beta version does not mention this new overflow feature though. 

However, this overflow feature is not available to all Beta users. It is available only on 22622.436 and not on 22621.436. Also, selected users have been able to try this feature. It is unknown if Microsoft will push the update to all Beta users. 

If you are a Beta user and have not been able to avail this feature, then you can try the universal tool called Vivetool. A Reddit user has found a way out. Here is how to enable the new taskbar overflow in Windows 11 22H2 Beta.

How To Enable New Taskbar Overflow In Windows 11 22H2 Beta?

1. First, go to Vivetool’s GitHub repository, download the app, and extract it.

2. Next, run Windows Terminal as Administrator. 

3. Use the CD command to go to the folder containing Vivetool. For example, CD C:\Vive.

4. Type vivetool /enable /id:35620393 and press Enter.

5. Type vivetool /enable /id:35620394 and press Enter.

6. Restart your PC to see the changes.

7. To revert the changes, use the vivetool /disable command with the same IDs.

That’s all!


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