How To Deal A Keyboard With Broken Key On A Windows PC?

If you have mistakenly broken any key of your keyboard or had a misfortune that made you lose one key of your keyboard, we are here to suggest some of the good substitute ways that could help you before buying a new one. Here are them as follows:

Relocate the key somewhere else

Microsoft’s free PowerToys utility for Windows 10 can be used for assigning the function of the broken key to any other key which is rarely used by you, for example the Scroll Lock key or any other functional key.

To perform this step, you need to first download Microsoft PowerToys and launch it. Then on the sidebar click on ‘Keyboard Manager’ and then select ‘Remap a key’.

Then click on the ‘+’ sign under Key in the Remap Keyboard Window. Select the designated key you want to remap from the dropdown menu and then select the other key you want to replace with under ‘Mapped To’.

Click on OK and then test it whether you are ok with it.

Swap the keycap with another

Keyboards are mostly with a mechanism that consists of a mechanical key at the bottom doing the actual technical part and has a plastic keycap above for the ease of recognition of the user. You can fix this problem by sticking another similar sized keycap at that position. 

You can also buy a new one by checking it on various websites and adding specific required filters.

If either of these ways don’t help you much then you can buy a brand new keyboard with your own priorities set.


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