5 Best Free QR Code Generator Software for Windows 10

QR Codes are necessary for storing and saving short important information like text, email address, payment address, links and so on. So, to create your own QR Codes you can really find some important info in this article. We are going to suggest 5 Free QR Code Generator Software for Windows 10. 

Zint Barcode Studio

Zint Barcode Studio is an open-source QR Code Generator Software that is portable and is capable of supporting lot of symbolic representations and various codes. Size, error correction level, background and foreground colour could be set by you. You can also change height and width, add borders with this software. After the QR Code is ready, it could be saved as PNG, GIF, BMP etc. Go to the link, download its zipped file and then perform extraction and after that execute the qZint.exe to finally launch.


It is an open-source QR Code generator but is close platform and can generate codes only in JPEG, JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF. It allows the use of only 5 different colours for the QR Code and its background. It also allows you to set the size of the QR Code and the error correction level. You can download this from GitHub page.

ByteScout Barcode Generator

More than 50 types of barcodes are supported by this software which could be saved as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF formats. This software allows you to batch generate QR Codes giving it an upper hand of the others. Similar editing of QR Codes design is also available in ByteScout

Free QR Creator

This software allows you to create regular and micro-sized QR Codes and you can save them as TIFF, PNG, EMF, GIF, JPG, or PNG image file. This has also got the similar editing features and an extra feature which allows you to rotate the QR Code.

QR Code Generator

This is the simplest software with the name of its utility. This comes up with a very simple interface which allows the creation of a QR Code and saving it only in PNG File Format. Height and width, error correction level could be set as per user’s priority.

So here we come to the end of this list and it is hoped that this article of ours has helped you much and got your problems and doubts solved and cleared.


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