Microsoft Excel is an extremely popular Office application among students, offices, researchers. It facilitates a plethora of options to create a huge table. You can create graphs, pie charts, trends of a particular business or scientific model and so on. The numbers of features are almost endless.

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The radar chart is also known as web chart, spider chart, star chart. It is a graphical method of representing multivariate data in the form of 2D or 3D or more quantitative variables represented on axes starting from the same point. Microsoft Excel supports many types of radar chart. This chart is used to show values relative to a center point and when categories are not directly related.

In the following article, we shall show you how to create a bar graph in MS Excel with the help of a simple table. You can create bar graphs for complex tables also, by following the same method.

Steps To Create A Radar Chart In MS Excel

Here is a simple table. We are going to create the Radar graph with this.

bar chart

Select the columns and rows only that you want to apply on the radar graph.

bar graph

Next, click on Insert and then click on Radar diagram icon as shown in the image. Choose the one that suits your needs.


That’s all!


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