This tutorial aims to show you how to change sounds in windows 8.
This feature of windows does not vary for all previous versions of windows. The pathway may have changed but it’s still as visible as it was in previous versions. For each and every unique event in Windows, it has provided a provision to assign a different sound or same sound. Whenever that event occurs the specified sound is played.
This feature helps us to identify an event by its unique sound. For example at the time of startup a particular sound is played, while shutting down another sound is played. Each version of Windows has its uniqueness.
Nowadays theme packages are available, by applying them both the color and sound schemes can be changed completely.

Follow these simple steps to change the System Sounds

Steps to change System Sounds in windows 8

1. Press Windows Key + Q, type “control panel” in Apps Search and then open Control Panel from search result.

Open Control Panel

2. In the Control Panel select the Hardware and Sound option.

Select Hardware and Sound

3. Under the “Sound” category select the Change System Sounds option.

Select Change System Sounds

4. Select the event for which you want to change the sound.

Select Sound to change

5. you will get a Sounds list, select one of the sounds from the list or click Browse button and select a sound from your hard drive.

Select from list

Click Browse

6. After you have selected a sound finally click on OK

Click OK

You have successfully changed the Sound for your selected event. Repeat the same procedure to change sound of any other system events.


Susham is a part time blogger and a Software Engineer by Profession. He has keen interest in latest Gadgets and Tech updates. Like us he is also passionate about Windows 8.


  1. Hi, Akshay plz wxplain your problem. Is there no Sound option in your Control PAnel? or THe sound icon is not appearing in your taskbar?

  2. i was able to change my windows log on sound in windows 8 but it doesn’t play when I log on to windows

      • no, there was no problem like dat.
        initially, no start up sound played but I enabled the start up sound and it played. now after going through the tutorial, nothing plays again including the start up sound

  3. Fredy, the problem is very clear, you are probably selecting any .mp3 format file as your start up sound. CONVERT YOUR MUSIC FILE to .WAV Format and make sure it is not bigger than 330 KB then select that file as your Start up sound.

  4. IM having a similar problem I replaced a few sounds but when they do play they cut off very quickly or play perfectly at random


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