Windows 10 PC is bringing the Halo App. Halo 5: Forge is releasing on September 8 as a free download in the Windows Store. The Halo App will release along with Halo 5: Forge. As Brian Albrecht, EP for the Halo franchise mentioned in his blog post, that their soul focus has been bringing Halo fans closer to the Halo ecosystem. So to help users get access to Halo 5 and all future halo series, they have found out the easiest and quickest method, an app for the same. hence, the Halo app came into being.

Halo App launched for Windows 10 PC

The app will be stuffed with latest news, videos, tutorials, featured content, update notes and more from the Halo universe on your Windows 10 PC. So Halo gamers can enjoy the latest information and details about all of Halo games, both past, present, and future.

Halo app has a lot to offer to its gamers. Since, the Halo App will be released along with Halo 5, the first few days, the main page will showcase the Halo 5: Forge game page on your portal. So you can directly navigate to the game from the application. Along with the game, there will be a plethora of features like Forge tutorials to help both new and veteran Forgers create and play great new Halo 5 game experiences. The app will also share top fan-created maps, games, and game clips and of course – fans will always be able to find latest news and info on Halo 5: Forge itself.

As said earlier, initially the app will focus mostly on Halo 5:Forge game. But gradually, the app will emerge as the strongest guide and one stop for all Halo games. It’s definitely a big deal whenever a stable app makes its way to the Windows Store. This app with copious tips and tricks for Halo games will surely entice the players.


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