Gym Pocket Guide app is a personalized application for your Windows Phone that promises to take care of your health and fitness fitness. It is enriched with body building and slimming tips which is used with consent of The app is a paid one along with a free trial version. Besides the pro version gives a 7 day free trial, so you can first use it and then purchase the app if it serves your purpose. Now in the next paragraph, I shall tell about the features. On downloading the application, the app will ask you to insert you necessary details and let you choose your desired gym program.

Gym pocketguide

Gym Pocket Guide app has several options first of which is the About section which gives a short description of the app. the next is My Hub, This section prompts you to enter your data. The current program log gives an account of the already set program. As you open the Current program, the app present a week’s gym program for you. Every day has different sets of exercise with some intervals of recess. The Settings option let you change the entered information and other options.

The best part of the app is that if you are serious about your fitness, you can store all the records by syncing with OneDrive. This is definitely a crucial thing since most apps, once uninstalled erases all data. So this is a winner. Other important tabs include the Workouts, stretching exercises and many more.

Download the app from Windows Phone Store


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