Several of customers who possess some huge screen monitors, or multiple displays setup take for granted the Taskbar space, but it is believed averagely a bounty space by Windows customers functioning on small laptop screens. It is not strange to get drained of Taskbar space when you have a loads of applications’ window spread out all at the same time – and it turns out to be pretty tiresome to unceasingly press Alt + Tab to alter between the windows. That is the situation wherein TaskSpace arrives in time – a timid, robust software that allows you to club presently executing applications into various TaskSpace windows thereby turning your programs more simpler to handle as per the job you want to do.

TaskSpace is totally free from any elaborations. It just functions as commercialized and functions pretty good to an extent. Also application is robust, which intends you merely have to extract the downloaded archive file to a coveted place and execute the EXE file inside as Administrator. You will be displayed with a nitty-gritty window that puts up a void space with the text ‘Drop apps here’. There are no menus, no additional settings or buttons with the intention to flummox you.

You can club any presently executing program or window into your TaskSpace. All that you have to do is easily drag the window over TaskSpace’s void window.


There is not any restriction on the amount of windows that you can club under one TaskSpace. Although, while testing, I really did hit an issue while including some x64 processes, which in turn caused TaskSpace itself to halt responding. TaskSpace also possesses some problems with resource-craving application for e.g: web browsers, but for most universal-usage tools like My PC, Calculator, Notepad etc, it functions like a good luck charm.

group application using TaskSpace

Extra TaskSpaces can be started off instantly through the application’s System Tray icon. To perform that, right-click the icon and choose ‘New TaskSpace’ from the right-click custom menu. In here, you can also alter among numerous TaskSpaces and among ‘Windows 7′ and ‘Steam OS’ themes for the TaskSpace window.

TaskSpace for windows 8.1

TaskSpace is an awesome application for those expecting for a way to club numerous program windows into a tiny place to attain enhanced workflow for a specific job. For instance, you could club a PDF file along with Calculator and Notepad to make computations and noting down associated notes much more easily without even having to always alter among or sort windows. It functions on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 repsectively.


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