Yeah it’s natural you are excited to know about this offer and Microsoft is too keen on making you updated to Windows 8.1 and hence they are giving this lucrative offer. This means either you can buy a new PC online from a Windows XP machine or trade in an old XP computer physically to a Microsoft Store retail location and avail $100 off a new Windows 8.1 computer priced at $599 or higher.

Get $100 off on new Windows 8.1 PCs for trading in a Windows XP computer

Microsoft launched the discount offer last week by giving $50 gift cards to the Microsoft Store that could be redeemed on purchase of a new Windows 8.1 computer directly from the company. This time offer has been changed but a bit bigger and desirable. From now on the gift cards would not be available and to be true gift vouchers mean additional expenditure. So Microsoft gave a better option that us saving the money instead.

The offer will be valid till June 15. It’s important to note that Windows XP officially retires on April 8, 2014 except for corporate use for banking sectors that have paid whopping amounts as much as $100 million each to extend their validity till they upgrade their system. The online offer has a link to the previously announced free file transfer tool to move any Windows XP content off the old computer to a new Windows 8.1 product. This new offer allows 90 days of free phone, chat and sales support for the new PC from Microsoft.


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