This article will help you to find MAC address in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1. MAC is the acronym for Media Access Control Address which is nothing but an identifying unique address assigned to a computer for communication over physical networks. One MAC address exists for each installed hardware that has a network interface card (NIC). Since, the address is registered and encoded by the manufacturer is it also known as hardware address. Besides, windows also maintains one or more MAC addresses, which are not associated with hardware cards. For example, Windows dial-up networking and VPN clients use virtual MAC addresses. MAC addresses of these virtual network adapters are of same length and format.

Find MAC address in Windows 8

MAC Address is a 48 bits address field. So it can hold 2^48 MAC addresses in all. MAC Addresses are of two types-

a. universally administered addresses – This is assigned by the manufacturer of the NIC.

b. locally administered addresses – This is assigned to the device by the network administrator.

MAC Addresses are of 48 bites or 6 byte. The first three bytes represents an identifier of a specific organization, i.e the company by which this device has been manufactured. This is known as the OUI or Organisationally Unique Identifier. Remaining 3 bytes represents the address which depends on the convention used by the manufacturer. Thus we get an idea in brief about the MAC Address. LAN connections, Ethernet ,802.11, wireless networks, Bluetooth IEEE 802.5, token ring, IEEE 802 networks, FDDI, ATM uses MAC addressing for communication purpose. Here you’ll learn to find the MAC Address of your Commuter.

Steps to find MAC address in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

1. Press Windows Key + C to open Windows Charms bar and click on Search. In the Search field type cmd.

Search cmd

2. The result comes. Right-click on it and click on Run as Administrator. If prompted by UAC, click Yes to continue.

Run as Administrator

3. Type the following command
ipconfig -all

Type ipconfig-all

4. Now, there comes the list of physical addresses for various network devices.

List of Physical Addresses

5. If you want to know the MAC address of other devices connected to your Network, type the following command
arp -a. You’ll get the result like this. You can also find MAC address of computer on LAN.

Physical address network devices


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  1. What is the difference betwen the “Wi Fi” adapter and the “Wi Fi Local network *12” adapter? Which MAC do I put in my WiFi router’s MAC filter?

    • Hello, Gregor
      Your Device may have multiple Wi-Fi adapters. Each Wi-Fi NIC (network interface card) has its own MAC or Physical Address. Again if you are in a Local Area Network, you may see MAC address of another network device which is in the same LAN.
      See the Screenshot in Step 4
      You can see Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 3 and Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection both have same Physical or MAC address. As my computer has only one Wi-Fi NIC (network interface card), so any Wireless Driver will always access that hardware for wireless activities. So for all Wireless drivers my PC’s Physical address or MAC is same. Because it depends on only the Wireless NIC ( the networking hardware part of your PC) not on any software or driver.
      I think your PC also has only 1 Wireless NIC (general case). But if you have multiple Wireless NIC then make sure which NICis connecting your PC with the Router, then put the Physical Address or MAc address of that NIC in your Router MAC filtering table.
      If possible enlist the MAC address of all Wireless NIC to that MAC filtering table to make the process easier.


  2. It says cmd has been disabled by my administrator.
    I want to find MAC address for the new Microsoft 3E devices, please help

    • when I go to my pc info I find a coed with dashes, the code uses numbers 0-9 and letters A-F, is this my mac address, it says next to the code product id is this it?

      • Hi, If you are talking about the code in Control Panel\System and Security\System page, no it’s not you MAC address. It’s your Windows OS Product Key.

    • Hi,

      That means your system administrator is blocking you from performing the action. Please contact your system admin and ask him to grant the permission.



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