Microsoft has already revealed its plan of having about 1 billion users within two to three years with Windows 10 release. Now it’s a fact that we have seen Microsoft giving the best of efforts in promoting its Windows 10 OS. So this time Microsoft is keeping eye on the minute details. The Windows 10 wallpaper is one of these. It’s called the Hero Desktop image.

Fan recreates Windows 10 Hero Desktop image much before the official launch

The default Hero desktop image which will come this July 29th with the official release of Windows 10 is very unusual and attractive. The Windows 10 Hero Desktop portrays light coming in from a window and the combination of design and graphics is vibrant and exuberant. But the main eye-catching thing is its realistic feel. And why not? The wallpaper is actually real photography and not just a Photoshop product. The team gave a lot of dedication in making this logo. They used real lasers, fog, LEDs, and the Windows logo with all combinations of angles and projections to create the wallpaper image.

You want to check the entire process of the making of the Windows 10 Hero Desktop wallpaper.

Now there are some real fanatic fans who can’t wait for another month. A fan who has re-created the same with Adobe After Effects in an amazing way. You can check the recreation process from the video below. The hero Desktop wallpaper is available for download. Click here
here to download it.


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