With the popularity of Windows computers, the world has never been this interconnected, but with this interconnectivity comes risk from malicious hackers. A software like Hoverwatch Keylogger is a requirement to protect yourself from these malicious hackers whose mission is to steal your personal information and “leak” your private photos and videos.

Personal, private information is being exploited for malicious intent. Hackers or thieves, often do this through the use of a keylogger. In 2012 alone, 68% of all companies that were hacked were done through the use of keyloggers as reported by Verizon’s Data Breach team – all because they didn’t have a robust and legit software like Hoverwatch Keylogger.

What are Keyloggers?

If you split the word “keylogger” into “key,” “logger,” – you mostly get what it does. It logs the activities or the keys (letters, symbols, numbers) being typed, clicked, or voice dictated/typed and compiles them into a document that is either stored locally or sent over via E-mail.

Two Types of Keyloggers

Imagine, how would you feel if someone “hacked” into your Windows computer, and literally stole not just your private, personal photos and videos but actually your credit information? Your business’ private client information? Your E-mail information? Your steam account information?

For this, it protects you against such threats by detecting and identifying potential risks and eliminating them.

Software Keylogger

There are multiple ways a software keylogger can be installed into a computer.

  • You opened an attachment in your E-mail from an unknown sender.
  • Submit information to a fake company representative; I’ve experienced this before, some “IT officer” from Microsoft wanted me to “submit information” by clicking a link. A simple Google search, phone call, and no such “IT officer” ever worked for Microsoft.
  • You go to questionable, suspicious websites, and your browser isn’t equipped to fight off the webpage script being installed.
  • You downloaded free (‘cracked’) software, you install it on your computer, not knowing that a software-based keylogger is being installed as well in the background without you even noticing it.
  • You use public WiFi in an Internet cafe, donut shop, or your airport’s “free” WiFi. That can potentially be very dangerous, as most public WiFi networks aren’t very well-protected. Critical activities like online banking, should NOT be done in public WiFi networks.

Hardware Keylogger

There are necessarily four ways a hardware keylogger can be used against you when installed.

When the hardware keylogger (looks like a big USB thumbstick) is physically inserted into a computer’s USB slot:

  1. The hardware keylogger immediately logs every key clicked and stores that data even when the computer is turned off.
  2. The hardware keylogger is a WiFi sniffer, which basically attempts to decode secure wireless communication.
  3. The hardware keylogger will reprogram your Windows computer BIOS, to record keystrokes.
  4. The hardware keylogger will place a fake keypad over your real one. It does this to mimic the keys being pressed.

Now, if this all seems overwhelming for you – don’t worry! This article was created just for this, and in particular, how a legit, free software called Hoverwatch Keylogger is going to help you protect yourself and fight off these malicious hackers. There are only a few legit software that offers premium services even for their base, free-model, and Hoverwatch Keylogger is the one we recommend.

What is Hoverwatch Keylogger and How Does It Help You

With so many deceptive tactics that hackers use nowadays to trick you. The software Hoverwatch Keylogger is here to help you even for its free version. The features are pretty high – whether you want to protect yourself from malicious hackers, detect and identify malicious keylogger software installed, your boss observing you, or you to use it to monitor your children’s internet activities. Hoverwatch Keylogger does all of that.

What Makes Hoverwatch Keylogger Great

  • It gives you the power to monitor who your children interact with online.
  • Tracks Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp activities.
  • Available in multiple platforms, Windows PC, Android, Mac.
  • Records all phone calls, incoming and outgoing.
  • Records call history, calendar entries, and it has GPS tracking.
  • Monitors all SMS/text messages (received, sent and deleted)
  • Monitors all phone activities such as browser history, address book contacts, etc.
  • Sends notification if the phone’s SIM card has been replaced.
  • Detect and identify any malicious threats.
  • Fair pricing for its premium services.
  • It can track five different devices.
  • Fantastic free-base model.

How Does Hoverwatch Keylogger Work

When you install Hoverwatch Keylogger onto your computer and configure it according to your preferences, it will start storing information and activities into data logs. You can likewise set it just to monitor your computer, or you can also control five other devices.

The data logs are uploaded to a secured private Hoverwatch server. Only you, with the Hoverwatch account, may access the data logs collected from the devices you chose.

How do I know if my computer has a malicious keylogger installed

Please note that malicious software keyloggers come in various names, but these are the most common ones that you find when you open your Windows Task Manager, scroll down and look for the following:

  • winlogon.exe | if you have two of these, it means the other one is fake. Every Windows computer needs 1 “winlogon.exe” – just 1, not two. It could also be winlogon(1).exe.
  • wmpusrvc.exe | it could always be this. Honestly, it can be a random series of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Tip: when you see suspicious .exe in your Windows task manager, research it immediately and take action.

For harddrive/physical keyloggers, simply look at the ports of the computer that you are using. If you’re in an Internet Cafe, just look at the back of the desktop and check if any additional USB-looking is attached to a cable.


Should you get Hoverwatch Keylogger? Yes! Hoverwatch Keylogger is not a scam or rip-off. We wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t know for ourselves that it is 100% legit. With over 500+ reviews on Trustpilot alone, the results are overwhelmingly positive.

Whether you are an employer and you want to track your employees’ performances, or you’re a parent that wants to protect their child from malicious predators – Hoverwatch Keylogger is your guardian angel in today’s hectic world.


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