Dropship this: 4 products that are guaranteed to sell

Nothing in this world is guaranteed and that goes double for success in dropshipping. With low margins, excessive fees, varying shipping times between countries, and finding an audience, it feels like there are is an obstacle in every part of the dropshipping process. This is one of the main reasons why so many dropshippers fail in their first 6 months. But what if we told you there is at least one guarantee in the dropshipping world that isn’t about costs? It starts with the products below. If you sell these products on your site, they are guaranteed to make money for your business.

Hand sanitizer

Thanks to COVID-19, this sanitizing product that was once used by overprotective mothers and travelers in third world countries is now the most coveted item on the planet. While it is not an alternative to washing your hands thoroughly, hand sanitizer is the backup needed to prevent millions of people across the globe from getting sick from the virus. In fact, it is so common to see everyone selling hand sanitizer now it is that those people don’t look twice when it is number one product on pet supply stores and electronic websites. So make sure to have hand sanitizer on your website no matter what niche it’s in, so you can cash in on this opportunity.

Small Bluetooth/USB speakers

With the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks, and other small electronic devices around the globe, there have been more accessories invented for these small items than ever before. And with the high amount of video sites, streaming sites, live streaming sites, and digital movies and music available, people want to use speakers now more than ever. You may think that they’re only using headphones, but what if they’re around other people or they like the sound of speakers better? USB or Bluetooth speakers to your inventory and watch them fly the figurative shelves.

The Instapot

A few years ago, this small all-purpose cooking device took the United States Canada and the UK by storm, and the interest still has not died down. You can use it the Instapot for practically everything, from cooking rice and making soup to baking bread and making a cake! And now there are a plethora of books centered around cooking with it. So add an instapot to the front page of your online store so you can make some guaranteed sales.

USB wall outlet

If you’re tired of fighting with your family or roommates over a wall outlet so you can charge your phone or tablet, we now have a solution for you. A USB wall outlet has both USB ports and regular three-prong plugs, so you don’t have to sacrifice the plug for your lamp or your fish’s aquarium in order to charge your devices. Customers usually buy two or three of these wall plugs to place them around the busy areas around their homes or at work. They’re so popular that you might even buy them one for yourself as well!


After reading the items in this article, you’ll be surprised that you didn’t have these available on your store beforehand! No matter what kind of website you run, these products will bring in sales and may even help boost the sales of a few other products along with them.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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