The Skype application for Windows Phone has recently received an update which added some new features. These features were not there in the Windows Phone app for this highly acclaimed video conferencing application. The new update includes the drawing facility along with location service. So if you love doodling and sharing with your friends, then Skype is also there to accompany you./p>

If you are still using the older version, then first update the Skype app for Windows Phone at the Store and then only you will get the latest features. Now as you open the instant messaging chat box corresponding to a contact, you will find the options on clicking the plus sign beside the text box. The new options added are share drawing and share location . So tap on the share drawing option.


Now as you select it, a new drawing page will open up and you can doodle there. Some basic colors with three brushes are there. No eraser option is there. You can undo any mistake.


After completing the drawing, send it to your friend by tapping the send option. You can also send your current location via Skype. The new features are definitely making Skype more attractive and interesting than before. Users can add maps and share it with friends. They can also draw on maps and send their friends to let them know your location.



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