Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision in a console-exclusive deal with Xbox

Dolby has a close proximity with Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console lineup since long time. As a result their partnership, Dolby has been advocating Dolby vision and Atmos support for Xbox Series X and S. Dolby Vision aims to provide a flabbergasting visual experience, much better than traditional HDR. Dolby Atmos lifts up the surround sound experiences by manifold times. But there is no such news about PlayStation or switch consoles. Thus, it is quite evident that Dolby is in a partnership with Microsoft and are working together in ameliorating the gaming experience on Xbox consoles.

If you purchase an Xbox wireless headset, within September 30,2021, you have to pay $15 license to enjoy Dolby Atmos. As for Dolby Vision, it is available for selected range of displays. According to online tech news portal, Engadget, a post ( now deleted ) published on Xbox wire France, Microsofttalked about their console exclusive partnership with for two Dolby years. Dolby Atmos is compatible to all current generation Xbox consoles. Dolby vision for Xbox consoles is still in the testing phase.

We do not know if Dolby will support Nintendo switch consoles, once this 2-year partnership with Microsoft is over. But, it can be assumed that Sony will not pair up with Dolby. The reason is that Sony has invested a hefty amount in its proprietary Tempest 3D sound engine. Thus, it is obvious that Sorry will use its own product for its PlayStation consoles.


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