Windows 10 is an operating system (OS) developed and maintained by Microsoft. The OS is more than letting you browse the web or create documents. It has built-in apps, like Paint, to help you edit images. You can use these programs to edit photos, like remove red-eye or remove unwanted elements. 

Continue reading to know more about the different ways to edit images on Windows 10.


Resizing helps lower the resolution and file sizes of your images. There are various reasons why you may want to resize images. Perhaps, your online portal is on a free web hosting portal that offers you limited bandwidth and server space. 

Consequently, large images may slowly load when viewed on slow Internet connections. Changing your photo’s resolution to a smaller size may help your site visitors see pictures faster when they’re using a slow connection. 

You can use Microsoft Paint to resize photos. Here’s how: 

  • Start by opening your file. 
  • Next, select Images from the main taskbar in the software. 
  • Opt to change the horizontal and vertical percentages of the image to a lower value. 
  • Consider preserving the aspect ratio of your image to avoid unwanted distortions. 


Sometimes you need less of a picture than initially intended. Cropping an image helps you focus on essential subjects in your photos as opposed to letting the eyes wander around images. This method may also help smaller file sizes, which may help you save more valuable site bandwidth. 

Again, you may use Microsoft Paint or other similar software to crop images. If you choose the latter, open your file and navigate to the Select tool on the software’s toolbar. Use the tool to select an area of your image you want to keep. Next, click the crop tool once, and the image will cut the areas you didn’t want to keep. 

Change Saturation

Saturation may mean different things depending on the context. In photography and graphic design, this term is the intensities of the various hues on the image. For example, an image with a high concentration of reds might provide viewers with a warm tone. 

Changing saturation levels in images may be possible with the help of the Photos app on Windows 10. This built-in photo-editing and viewing tool allows you to increase or decrease the vividness of all the color tones in your images. 

Unfortunately, Photos doesn’t have individual sliders to change the color intensities of specific hues. If you want to change the saturation of specific colors, consider using dedicated photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom

Now, if you want to stick with Photos, open your file and click the Edit icon on the top area of the app. Here, you can change the levels of different elements, like color temperature and tint. You may also change the saturation to make your images “pop” more or less. Rotating the tool clockwise makes your photo more vivid, whereas moving the knob counter-clockwise lessens the intensity of the colors. 

Change Brightness

Sometimes, when you take a picture with your camera it’ll come out darker than initially intended. You may not have another chance to take that photo, so you decide to change the brightness using a Windows 10 app. Aside from using Paint or Photos, you can adjust the brightness of your image using Office

You might consider using Microsoft Word or Excel to use this feature. Insert your image to the document and navigate to the Picture Tools section. Here, choose the Format tab, and click on Corrections found in the Adjust group. 

Select the thumbnails of your preferred brightness setting. Choose the thumbnails on the left to lessen the brightness. Conversely, select the thumbnails on the right to brighten the image. 

While you’re still fiddling around with the brightness setting, you may also choose to sharpen or soften your photo. You can find these settings in the same area where you found the tool to brighten (or darken) your image. 


Windows 10 has built-in apps and tools to help you edit images to your preferences. The methods found above are only a few of the many features you can use with the photo-editing programs readily available in this OS. Still, you might consider a more extensive approach to image editing. 

If so, opt to download photography apps from trusted developers. These programs can do more than resizing images and correcting colors. 

Use the right app to help you add or remove elements in your photos. Proper research is the key to help you lead to the correct image-editing application.



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