iOS device manager software applications are ample in the market. You don’t need to boggle your mind really for finding an iOS manager for your system. All such software apps have good utility options. But with the DearMob iPhone Manager, the experience is totally different, that is on the positive side. DearMob iPhone Manager is a super fast, feature rich iOS manager software that works like magic. It has a lot of features for an iOS device that a user can utilize. The software frees you from the bondage of relying solely on the iTunes for file transfer and backup and brings a super easy, robust and super fast data transfer and backup options.

dearmob iphone manager

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In this article, I will provide a review of the full version of the DearMob iPhone Manager software for Windows version. The software is available for both Mac and Windows. Here, we have chosen the latter one. First, I shall talk about the main features of the software and then will go through the positive and negative aspects of the application.
The salient features of the application are:

⦁ Data Transfer and backup
⦁ File Encryption and Decryption
⦁ DRM Removal
⦁ Synchronizing files, music files and photos
⦁ An ultimate video manager for your iOS devices.
Data Transfer and Backup: Data transfer and backup is not an easy task to do. But it becomes surprisingly easy when you are using this software. It backs up your data in a very short span of time. I have used the software for backing up data for my iPhone. It took just 25 minutes to complete the backup process given my huge data. You can transfer files one by one or in batches. The data to be recovered is given as a preview. You can select them one by one or as a whole. The data backup is accompanied with the Data Encryption and Decryption process.

dearmob iphone manager
File Encryption and Decryption: Whatever files you are backing up or managing, the software provides, you the independence to encrypt and password protect all your files and data in order to provide enhanced security to the data. Data encryption is powered by 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2 and Argon2 encryption technologies. The password is an important attribute and you have to remember it in order to decrypt your folders. The encryption speed is very high, which means, you can encrypt 100 UHD or 4K photos in just 15-20 seconds. Isn’t is great?
DRM Removal: It is amazing to see that the company has also packed the DRM removal aspect in the application. In short, DRM or Digital Rights Management protects your iTunes media files so that they can never be misused. This great initiative sometimes takes a toll on our freedom as we cannot watch the movies purchased on iTunes to any other platforms. Hence, we need DRM removal software apps. Since data privacy and policy rules are different in different countries, DRM removal is not illegal. So, if you have any such movies on iTunes that you want to watch on your Android smart TV or any other platform, you can remove the DRM first with the help of the DearMob iPhone Manager.

dearmob iphone manager
Photos and Video Manager: The photos and video manager are versatile, feature rich and no single stone has been left unturned. With photos, you can export and import photos, with or without encryption. Convert HEIC format photos to JPEG or more compatible formats in batches, archive albums and manage them to fit your needs. For videos, DearMob allows you to import-export with or without encryption up-convert 4K videos, deleted auto-recorded videos, compress large videos and rotate videos for compatibility on bigger screens.

A Perfect Music Manager: The software aids Bi directional synchronizations, convert Apple unfriendly OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV, etc. to MP3 formats, create and transfer ringtones from Apple music without the need of iTunes.

The application has many more aspects to use like the Contacts manager, manager for podcasts, SMS, books, voice, App Store apps, calendar, bookmark, Flash Drive.
These are all the features of the DearMob iPhone Manager. Let’s check the pros and cons briefly:
1. Robust, versatile and super fast execution of data management and backup.
2. Beautifully crafted UI, very easy to use. No complex configurations. All options are self-explanatory and simple.
3. Data privacy and encryption is of great importance.
4. All features packed under one roof. A great treat for iOS users.
Not a single one, but if I have to write down one, I would say the hefty installation process. But performance and features wise, the app is par excellence.
The final conclusion is that the app is impressive and a must possession for iOS users.


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