Cortana embarrassed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and left him completely abashed when the voice command enabled digital assistant failed to hear Nadella’s command. Nadella was giving a live presentation at a a Salesforce conference today. He tested the very popular personal virtual assistant of the Redmond based tech giant. He asked Cortana, “Show me my most at-risk opportunities” which a confused Cortana listened as “Show me to buy milk at this opportunity’. Nadella was left embarrassed when the auditorium burst into giggles and laughter.

 satya nadella

Nadella gave two more trials which also ended up being epic fails. Finally he gave up and showed what would have been the expected result if Cortana responded accurately. Cortana uses the ‘Einstein’ AI engine which has garnered accolades globally for its accurate speech recognition. Cortana can also be personalized to learn your accent to that the virtual personal assistant becomes more adept in helping you. Despite of all these features, Cortana failed very badly.

Check out the entire video below:


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