Instagram is the ultimate photo sharing platform in the world and now it is not limited to just photo sharing but is emerging as a major influencer and marketing platform. There are a plethora of scopes and opportunities as influencers or marketers to flourish your business. It has been seen that marketing in Instagram has shown a steady growth in business, where the slope of growth may vary depending on several other factors. But the catch is utilizing Instagram for expanding your visibility as an entrepreneur or a businessperson and stay relevant in the competition. There are many ways of utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool. You must convert your Instagram account to a business account. Next, you can use an Instagram marketing software and a scheduler software, which can be an immense help for you. In this article, I shall review one such tool, the Combin Growth.

Why Combin Growth?

Combin Growth is an amazing feature-rich Instagram marketing tool, which can be a perfect companion for an Instagram Influencer or a marketer. The application is full of well-researched analysis and management tools, which can bolster your posts to reach out your target audience. This application is not about vague promises or unethical mean of gaining followers. Rather, Combin growth can guide any newbie businessperson to establish an impactful footprint in Instagram.

Salient Features Of Combin Growth

1. When it comes to business, nothing can be more convincing than real time data. Combin growth shows you your activity, and engagement in form of numerical data, charts and graphs. You can check how many followers you have gained, and thus make out which Instagram posts of yours have been relevant to the audience, which people followed you or unfollowed you in the course of a day, week, month, etc.

2. If you are not aware of how business and marketing run online, then this application can be your best buddy. It will guide you in knowing which search queries, keywords and hashtags are mostly searched by the users. In the course of this, you can gain for insight about popular profiles, publications, comments and how popular Instagramers write their bio. This again is based on several factors like gender, language, audience mass size. For example, if you want to sell lipsticks online, then your target should be mainly female users, and makeup artists including both men and women. Combin Growth will direct you in a proper direction.

3. Currently, the technology world is going head over heels with machine learning and data science. Combin Growth implements machine learning technology and helps a user to identify, which accounts are dormant and which accounts can be fruitful for you. Combin Growth cuts down any sort of superficial follower gaining and delves deep into the data analytics and performance statistics. Many Instagram users adopt follow-for-follow strategy in gaining followers. This is not unethical, but it may not be convenient, if you don’t keep track of which users are not following you back. This application gives you even minute details like this. Thus, you can understand the underling depth and research.

4. The application has a well-defined user interface, where the different features are designed in such a way, that it is simple to understand. The repetitive action automation feature of this app prevents a user from manually interacting. Combin growth creates templated in batch and bulk mode.

Final Take

Combin growth is a paid application with a free trial version for trying and testing. After reviewing the in-depth management and analytics features, we recommend our viewers to try Combin growth.


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