Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform, where celebrities, businesspersons, influencers, sellers, invest a lot of money in promoting their products and services. Users, who use this platform for connecting with brands, collaborators and companies, also contribute equally by posting pictures, videos and Stories. If you use Instagram for professional purpose, then it is very important, that you keep a track of all your posts. In case, any issue occurs with Instagram, you can have all data at your possession. Suppose you are a new entrepreneur, promoting your brand with various influencers. It is important, that you make a note of which influencers you are working with and check out if their posts are there on the respective accounts. Again, if you are an influencer, then it is your responsibility that all your photos and Stories are backed up, because new brands have invested in your account for their promotion.

A one stop destination for all these issues, is 4K Stogram application. As you all know, the web version of Instagram has very limited features, and you cannot access each and every feature of Instagram that you can find in your mobile app. With the 4K Stogram app, download all Instagram Stories and photos and save it on your computer. Stogram is basically a downloader application for Instagram. Since, the mobile application of Instagram automatically downloads images, videos, etc., Instagram downloader apps are not illegal. Rather, it is extremely handy when it comes to managing your Instagram posts and subscriptions. Download photos, videos, Stories and your Instagram follows and subscriptions, and import every data to your computer. In short, 4K Stogram is a great backup application for your Instagram data.

Important Features Of 4K Stogram Application

Backup All Your Instagram Posts And Stories With 4K Stogram
  • 4K Stogram is platform friendly, that is, available for three leading operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • As already mentioned, the app is capable of downloading all Insta posts from both public and private accounts. You can also download posts from your friends’ profiles.
  • The application is very simple and user friendly. This means installation and use of the application is versatile and easy.
  • It allows users to search for posts by account ID or usernames, location, hashtags, etc.
  • This app facilitates users to import and export subscriptions and data and store them to their personal computers.

How To Use 4K Stogram?

Backup All Your Instagram Posts And Stories With 4K Stogram
  • First, download the 4K Stogram application.
  • Next, run the executable file and follow some simple instructions as it comes on the screen.
  • When the app gets installed, a very minimalist simple UI will pop up, which accompanies an even simpler search panel.
  • Now search for your desired posts, by account name, hashtag and subscription. Finally, download each and every post, that you want to store.

4K Stogram is an application, that almost all Instagram users will love to use. Everyone wants to have their precious memories backed up, and that’s the reason Stogram can be everyone’s favorite companion.


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