With the editing of the text, we are all familiar, because we face this constantly. The most popular text editors for any operating system are well known. But did you know that such utilities as a Notepad on Windows or the TextEdit on Mac OS are designed not only for trivial work with text? These built-in utilities can serve as code editors, which allows some fraud. If you are seriously engaged in prescribing codes, then you will need more serious applications. 
coderunner vs bracketsBrackets code editor 

We start with the code editor, which is offered for free, Brackets, that is an undoubted advantage. But this does not mean that this editor does not deserve attention. He is among the top 10 adds for Mac. The developer of Brackets is such a giant as Adobe and he really put a lot into this utility. Great for web developers and was conceived as a simple editor without unnecessary “complications”. Over time, there were a lot of updates for this program and a lot of plug-ins greatly increased the performance of Brackets. 

Pros of working with this application 

The interface is quite simple, in the style of minimalism, which is what a beginner developer needs. A very useful function of calling the palette will allow you to select colors and a level of transparency for the text. Another plus of this program is that you can always see the result of your activity, at whatever moment you have stopped. With the help of simple fraud, you have the opportunity to display your project and look at it. It is very convenient if you are working with two screens. In addition to many keys and very useful functions, you will expand the standard functionality and make it easier to work on projects. To save time and energy, a plug-in was developed that allows you to write massive code using abbreviations. Thus, at our discretion, this editor does not require a huge amount of resources and is fairly simple in the interface. Hotkeys – a real panacea, like plugins, which will simplify the life of the user. 

Cons of working with this application 

Of course, with so many positive moments, there can not be a couple of minuses. The first, quite serious, drawback concerns the speed of the utility. With a large number of plug-ins, Brackets starts to slow down, which leads to a prolonged work process. Navigation also leaves much to be desired and needs improvement. 

Coderunner code editor 

Coderunner is a really advanced code editor who justifies his price. This application allows you to not only edit the codes, but also run them using the built-in compilers/interpreters, flexibly customize the working environment for a specific language, and create your own templates for certain file types. 

Pros of working with this application 

Maximally full-featured editor with a whole bunch of various functions. The built-in browser allows you to access any of your files at any time. The program is endowed with code completion, which saves a lot of time and editable presets for newly created documents allow you to not write basic functions. Full support for encodings, autosave and a large screen – this editor for people who are professionals in their field. A huge list of supported languages – the choice of the user. A great editor for a software developer with the ability to test and run applications written in any of the 22 programming languages. 

Cons of working with this application 

The downside is that all the same this editor is great for small projects. The limit on lines can limit the work on something more massive. 

Make your choice 

We tried to convey to you a brief description of these wonderful utilities. As an output, we are going to say that Brackets is suitable for novice users and slightly inferior to other ones. You will be able to perfectly handle the uncomplicated interface and with the help of hotkeys, you will find everything you need. Undoubtedly, you will have to read the rules of use that will help you understand. After you figure out the initial stage, you can install a lot of useful plug-ins and become a professional in this business. We would advise the Coderunner to users who are very close to “familiar” with the spelling of codes and require a more powerful program. The functionality of the utility will satisfy even the most demanding. 


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