Microsoft has decided on ameliorating the Microsoft family safety features soon. The new additions will help users to better use the family safety filters and other options and check in a better way on how their children are using the devices online. All these changes will not come at once but will approach gradually. Microsoft has started rolling out mails regarding Microsoft family feature updates.

Check out the new things coming to Microsoft Family Features

Check out the new inclusions in Microsoft Family features as given by Microsoft.

1. The recent activity page has been redesigned to show the most relevant information front and center.
2. Setting websites restrictions is now simpler. When restrictions are turned on, all adult content is blocked. You can still allow or block individual websites, of course.
3. Managing app & game restrictions is now more intuitive. Set your child’s age so they’ll only be able to acquire apps & games that are rated as appropriate for their age. You can also block individual apps or games.
4. Managing child accounts has changed. The feature that allowed you to link accounts has been removed as most of our users found it confusing. If you previously linked accounts together to manage all their settings at once, you’ll now need to manage the settings for each account you had linked separately.

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