The style of work has changed over the years and more distinctly in 2020. That is not the end; it is expected to continue to change as well. The world of 2020 has been all about remote work. Research says most companies vented their ways to remote work since the outbreak of COVID 19, while many many have believed in the concept of remote work more strongly than ever.

This huge transition is directly proportional to the productivity and efficiency in everyone and everywhere. This situation makes a robust NAS infrastructure to be all set for backup, data protection, remote access, and digital collaboration. The need for high capacity storage solutions, throughput, and reliability is the need of the hour. The increase in storage capacity can call in some users to take advantage of NAS Systems with fewer slots, while many do not need to upgrade to a higher-bay system when space is filled.

WD Red™ Pro Lineup: The beast 16 and 18TB HDDs

Western Digital(WD) has introduced two more new HDDs to meet the content creators’ ever-changing requirements and businesses’ productivity. They are custom-designed for NAS to enable better organization backup, remote access, and collaboration with colleagues or coworkers at best.

For the Business who Demands more!

The all-new WD hard disk drive range is intended to be an essential part of medium to large-scale business customers. They are available for up to 24-bay NAS systems in all. The Western Digital comes with a brand new CMR recording technology with a maximum 7200RPM to handle the high-intensity workloads in a 24*7 environment. The WD Red Pro range is best for archiving and sharing with RAID(Redundant Array of Independent Disks), useful for rebuilding extended high volume operating systems like ZFS( Zettabyte file system). These drives add value to business by forwarding a helping hand to the employees. It enables quick syncing and sharing of files, including backup folders, and increased reliability in the NAS( Network-attached Storage) solution, giving a chance for more productivity and efficiency.

Key Features:

The NASware™ 3.0 Technology

Usually, the NAS systems demand high throughput and low latency. The considerably advanced NASware 3.0 technology provides seamless integration, robust data protection, and optimal performance for the operating systems using NAS as a storage system. The advancement can be owed to the futuristic firmware technology. The WD Red Pro hard drive also comes with the all-new NASware 3.0’s advanced technology that improves the overall storage performance by increasing compatibility and integration with multiple platforms.

WD Red Pro for Optimum NAS Compatibility

The WD Red Pro and the NASware technology together seize any second thought about selecting another drive. The optimized systems, unique algorithm balancing performance, and reliability in NAS and RAID environments are everything your growing business requires. Overall, the WD Red Pro drive is one of the most compatible disk drives you can find in the market today.

Larger NAS Bay Shock Protection

Protecting important organizational data from natural catastrophes is one of the biggest challenges and needs to be taken care of. The WD Red Pro drives are built with a multi-axis shock sensor that automatically detects subtle shock events and comes with dynamic fly height technology. This technology adjusts each read-write function to compensate for the data and also protect it. This amalgamation of technology also protects the drives in larger 24-bay NAS environments and helps increase hard drive reliability.

In this article, you got an idea of what to expect of the WD Red Pro range. If this is all you want, then don’t wait and get into the queue soon.


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