Protect your PCs, tablets and smartphones from attacks both online and offline.

Our personal computers, networks systems are devices which we use in our daily lives, work and activities. They are out links to technology and afford us the opportunity to be connected to the digital world. Staying connected to the digital world while ensuring your privacy is protected and not compromised is the ideal situation, so with time has come various protection solutions that cover users and their computers from intrusion by malicious software which come in different forms.

These technological devices are prone to security breaches which can come in different forms. Over time, different security solutions have been provided like antivirus discs that enables a user upload security measures into their personal computers, servers and network systems to secure them from possible attacks of malware. Currently, when a personal computer is purchased, it comes with an already uploaded security feature in its operating system like a Windows Defender whose aim is to protect your system against malware and also help repair your PC after a malware attack. These attacks are unauthorized access your computer that could lead to huge losses in terms of financial loss, personal loss like identity theft. These have to be guarded against.

Malware is also a name for malicious software that infiltrate your personal computers, servers, computer network, clients without the consent of the owner so as to cause damages that might be permanent to the systems and data. Malware is also the broad name that covers all kinds if threats like spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits etc.

Malware can gain access to your personal computers through emails, a user connecting to any unsecured public network or an unsecured public Wi-Fi like college Wi-Fi. One-way certain types of malware can behave when they gain access to your computers is by spreading into all areas within your computer for example a virus. The can embed themselves into most software and even your operating system without the owner been aware of such an invasion. Some malware like worms, will infiltrate your computers that transfer their destructive properties across a network of systems. Some others embed themselves into programs within a computer, while some might come as incongruous as possible which misleads the user into installing them. Despite the form in which these malware take, they are dangerous to the security of your computers and must be attacked immediately before causing unrepairable harm.

The purpose of this malicious software also called malware, is to cause damage to your systems, invade your privacy by exposing your activities both online and offline in addition to stealing your financial and personal information.

The question how is, if your have malware on your systems can Windows defender remove it? The answer is yes, Windows Defender can remove malware from your computers both online and offline. See pc matic reviews 2019.

Malware are designed to hide well within computers and network systems. They can hide so well within windows even when the operating systems are running. Cleaning up malware that have infiltrated your computer can be done in online mode but if there exist stubborn malware which cannot be cleaned out, it can be taken care of by Windows Defender in offline mode. Windows defender is an easy to launch application which is found in the Windows Defender desktop application or within the settings app in your computer.

Now there are some cases whereby the malware has embedded itself into your operating systems and this makes it difficult for the Windows Defender to scan your computer to stop it from causing damage, there is the option of scanning your system from outside windows and clean up your computer for you.

Windows Defender attacks malware from outside Windows and kills them off. This stops the various malware like spyware, viruses, trojan horses etc. even in situations whereby the malware is hooked deep within your computer, Windows Defender can scan outside the operating system and attack the malware to kill it off.

In the new Windows operating software like Windows 10, the Windows Defender is a tool that is essentially integrated into the Windows 10 software and therefore makes Windows 10 easier to run. Although, the windows defender is not installed in the earlier versions of Windows like 7 and 8.1

Prior to Windows 8, spyware was the only kind of malware which windows defender protected users against. There was the option of reporting to Microsoft SpyNet when a user detected the presence of spyware. But with the coming of Windows 10, Windows Defender became a part of the reinstalled software that could be found in the Windows Defender security center, that helps users scan and eliminate viruses that have gained unauthorized access to your computer.

Windows Defender was formerly called Microsoft Security Essentials in earlier versions of Windows. It didn’t offer great protection against malware but with the coming of the preinstalled Windows Defender, users are afforded the opportunity of firewall protection, download new virus definition through Windows updates, scan all your computer programs.

So, yes, the Windows Defender can and will remove malware from your computer whether within a running system or outside of it. It will do run and scan your computer to ensure complete protection against threats. It is easy to launch, performs well on security, usability and overall performance in addition to not reducing the performance of your system if it is in use. No matter the kind of malware, although when it comes to trojans which happen to be extremely dangerous, they can damage your operating system files, corrupt various other contents within your computer, gain illegal access to your personal files and easily steal them, Windows Defender can have it removed from your computer in addition to prompting you to download and run Windows Defender offline if it detects a malware which it cannot remove.

Try upgrading to the latest version of Windows to get excellent secure solution for your computer.


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