There’s a great news for students who wish to buy Surface Pro 3 or 2 tablets as Microsoft is giving some real lucrative offers on the gadgets. All of the models of Pro 3 are selling with great discounts. The price starts at $650 and you can purchase any Surface Pro 3 models at $150 or more off with the i7 having $194.00 off, that is, about 10% discount. Besides Pro 3 , Surface Pro 2 is also offering discounts.

You can get the Surface Pro 3 for $650 if you are a student

The prices of the devices start at $799. You’ll get $100 off on 64 GB and 128 GB machines and $200 off on the 256 GB and the 512 GB machines on their MRP. The offer is valid till September 3. But before investing on these devices one thing you should keep in mind that the entry level devices are not long lasting and hence if you do not have budget limits, don’t go for the entry level devices. Besides, this machine does not come with the Type 3 cover whivh is very important accessory purchase and hence buying it separately adds $116.99 (with discount) to your total purchase price.


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