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Some businesses are slow burners. They quietly establish themselves as a functioning business, operating at sustainable levels. It is not that they have no intention of growth. It’s just usually that their reputation and quality is centred around the strength of a notable thing – product, branding, marketing, customer relations – and the rest of the business is sufficient not to create a net-negative but not enough to push it on. Eventually, something kicks in and they develop other aspects of the business and start to take bigger strides and generate more income. There is, though, a strong desire among new businesses to hit the ground running. It is not so much that the long game is less enthralling, but that it is reassuring to have success early. Here are three tips for having a strong start.

Make Yourself Known

There is no way to make a splash without being known. While you are still, to an extent, dramatically emerging out a crowd unknown with your hood up before lifting your head and eyes to meet that of your competitors to their shock, it is best to be on the card and for them to expect you – think of it like you’re Spiderman going to wrestle against Bonesaw McGraw.

Marketing is essential. Social media platforms offer a way of doing this without much investment. Having a regular and consistent posting schedule is a good place to begin. Paid ads to target customers on a variety of channels is an option, as is paying for a team to create the content; however, along can be achieved by in-house teams with organic growth. It is really does depend how fast you want to move and how much backing there is.

Automate Processes to Free Up Workloads

Automating tasks and workflow should be a priority. The manual labour involved in integrating data between systems and devices and other such practices is made to feel a waste of time as cloud-based computing services can do it automatically and in one system. This is one of those things where doing the basic parts well will enable you to push ahead in other areas.

SysAid can provide the helpdesk software you need to manage IT assets for instance, and automate IT support processes.

 There are more widespread, non-business specific document management and stored systems like Google Docs or OneDrive, too, which enable businesses to have a central hub documents can be accessed and edited by multiple different people at basically instant speed.

Customer relations management systems enable employees to access customer profiles which contain contact details and every correspondence so that their context as a customer is clear and easy to be reintroduced to. There is, also, the chance to use chatbots and automated messaging to give customers instant responses.

Prioritise the Customer

While these automated messages will enable businesses to be attentive, they shouldn’t be relied upon. As a young business, it is best to have that human touch. Bring people onside by being a person; customers could be turned off by hearing an automated messaging service. Insisting that the business is open and prioritises the customer’s experience will put you in a great position to establish an existing customer base.


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