A Network bridge is a two layer switch, which helps to connect similar as well as dissimilar LAN segments (Not two different LANs). Suppose a LAN segment has the Internet connection. Using a Bridge you can easily connect another segment of a LAN using Ethernet cable or wireless link with that first segment so that devices those are in the second LAN segment can also access Internet. If computer A, B, and C are in a same Local Area Network physically connected with Ethernet cables and Computer D, E, F are in another LAN physically connected with Wireless links (WLAN), then using a bridge we can easily connect those two networks and can create one Local Area Network where A, B, C, D, E, F will share the network channel.

bridge connection created

Bridge increases operating bandwidth and Collision domain of a channel.
Let’s see how a bridge increases bandwidth.
For instance suppose there are 3 machines operating in a 30 Mbps network. Then for each machine 10 Mbps will be allocated. For simplicity we assume that no bandwidth is consumed by the bridges. Now if we connect 2 bridges between those 3 computers, then 3 LAN segments will be available having 30 Mbps bandwidth each. Bandwidth of each LAN segment will then be shared by 2 computers. So mathematically each computer will get (30/2) = 15 Mbps bandwidth so, we see the two bridges enhanced the bandwidth of each devices.

[** We are assuming bridges are not consuming any Bandwidth. When huge number of computers are sharing a commom channel adding bridge between them can dramatically improve their bandwidth **]

Steps to bridge networks on Windows 8

1. Press Windows Key + C to open Windows Charms. Now Click on Search, Type Control Panel and click on Control Panel appeared in the left pane.

Control panel

2. Go to Network and Internet -> Select Network and Sharing System. Click on Change Adapter settings located on the left pane.

 Change Adapter Settings

3. A window will pop with the name of Network Connections. Next, left click on Organize-> go to option Layout ->check Menu bar option (if it is not done) and enable Menu bar.

Enable menu bar

4. Next Select at least two connections (highlight two or more connections) and Click Advanced -> Select Bridge Connections to bridge those connections.

bridges connections

5. You are done! You will see a message during the establishing of the bridges.

Bridge Connection is Creating

6. After the bridge is created, you can view the bridge in the connections list.


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  1. I am trying to bridge with a VM virtual adapter. Windows can see it but it has been telling me to wait while it bridges the connections for over half an hour so I don’t think it works.


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