Bing has greatly improved its search services and now it’s aiming to make hotel searching a soothing and easy experience for travellers. Bing has introduced a great number of features in its search operation and hence managed to emerge as one of the most innovative and popular search engines. It’s needless to say that the very efficient and famous Artificial Intelligence voice assistant Cortana, which has answers to all your queries, is also powered by Bing.

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Now Bing will help travellers for a better hotel searching experience. It will incorporate enhanced settings which would provide travellers with information on hotels of the place, which he is searching. The person will get a host of images of similar hotels so that the person can check and compare different hotels. Now if he opens a particular link, a secondary panel will emerge at the side of the page. This panel will provide additional information like Phone number, timing, rate, Website and other important information.

This feature of Bing will start in France and United Kingdom. The effort is extremely useful and beneficial for a person who is new at a place. The results produced by Bing would include even minute information like the type of menu and food available in the restaurant So that it becomes easy for travellers to make choices before.

Bing has garnered widespread appreciaton and credibility after it successfully predicted the outcomes of Fifa World Cup 2014 since the knock-out round to the final day. Bing has specially associated itself with the 87th Academy Award winner prediction through Cortana. So looking at the past reputation of consistently amazing performance, we expect that the hotel searching feature wilL make a mark of its own.


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