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Working as a small business owner or an Entrepreneur with a lot of things on your to-do list and also don’t have an idea where to get started? Or simply you want to stay organized while executing different business related jobs? Don’t worry about the matter because we have compiled a great collection of windows app that can help you get most out of your desktop computer or tablet PC  which is operating with Microsoft Windows.

Whether you want to create a to do list, schedule business meetings, want to generate invoices without using an expensive software solution or want to manage your employee teams in a best possible way, following Windows Apps will always keep you on task with help of Windows devices you already have not only to get thing done better but to save time and energy as well for other fertile tasks and jobs.

Microsoft To-Do

When it comes to list the things down that you want to accomplish in a day, Microsoft To-Do can do a great job for you because it allows you to write your jobs and tasks down on your PC or laptop with special notes. It also allows its users to schedule business meetings and other important events as data stored or entered on the app can easily be synced across different devices using the same app. Changes can also be made in the list or schedule even while you are on the go. Microsoft To-Do can be used for time management as well as to set reminders for business meetings and events.


Are you sick off of the traditional note taking but there is an urgent need to take notes related to a business task or job? It is the situation where OneNote can make the task easier and efficient for you. It is one of the best note taking apps around the globe that automatically syncs with your Microsoft account logged in on different devices like desktop PC or Windows phone, so you can use it everywhere to organize everything easily and quickly. The best thing about this productive windows app is that it allows users to add media into the notes when needed. For example, as a facility manager if you want to write something important down regarding a planned maintenance plan, you can use OneNote to do so as it will also allow you to add the photos of under maintenance business equipment or tool to remember things in a best way.

Microsoft Teams

As a small business owner if you cannot afford an expensive team management tool or software to keep all your employees connected with each other, installing the Microsoft Teams on your desktop or Tablet PC would be the best choice to manage your teams efficiently. It comes with an instant messenger and extensive collaboration features that can make your teams more productive. Instant messaging, group/team messaging and quick file transfer, are some great features of Microsoft Teams that make it must have for small business owners and companies.

Invoice 360

There is no more need to invest in professional invoicing software or app because Invoice 360 is ready to create professional looking and sleek invoices for you. All you need to input the customer information and transaction details in the available appealing invoice templates and will get ready to print invoices at the end. You can also integrate an existing customer address book with Invoice 360 to import customer data directly instead of adding manually. It allows you to create printable invoices and you can also send the invoice directly to customers via Email in PDF format.


Do you love communication via text but don’t want to clutter up with Email inbox again and again?  If yes then Slack is the best match for you because it is the powerful text chat app that goes beyond the basic ability to exchange text-based messages. It is something amazing that enables its users to share and edit business documents in real time to take elaboration to the next level. Different users can work on the same project with Slack on the same time to get things done smoothly than ever before.

Slack can successfully be integrated with different other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and other business software like computerized maintenance management system etc to make internal business communication better than ever while completing different business related tasks.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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