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In this article, we’ll consider software that was created in order to hang the performance of your computer, regardless of its power and other characteristics. Use these programs. You don’t have to download all these programs at once to make your computer better. It is enough to use just a few. You’ll see the result literally right away. Let’s begin our fascinating and useful acquaintance with programs for Windows.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Best Productivity Apps for Windows in 2020

This program was designed to optimize Windows, with which it copes flawlessly. The optimization process itself is carried out in one click. Just think, just one click and your Windows will run faster.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer will automatically delete all unnecessary on your computer, which includes duplicate files, damaged files, programs that contain a lot of extra, the program also analyzes the Windows registry to ensure that there are no errors, which is also an advantage. Here you will also find advanced privacy settings, including disabling telemetry when encrypting files. Without a doubt, you will like this program and will be included in the list of your favorite programs for Windows.

This program has many functions. Despite the fact that it is intuitive, I want to understand the program, spend time studying new functions. What is most surprising about this is the interface, which looks very stylish, and most importantly convenient. It looks very clear and simple, and especially when compared with similar programs. Try to download Ashampoo Winoptimizer and you will learn all the benefits from your own experience.


Best Productivity Apps for Windows in 2020 C Cleaner

This program is so popular that you probably heard about it or met its logo before. CCleaner has become popular due to the fact that it easily gets rid of any unwanted objects on your computer, does it quickly and efficiently. Garbage files, cookies, registry errors, startup of unnecessary programs, the application will cope with everything and do it perfectly. Thanks to a simpler structure compared to advanced utilities, it is easier to learn and works much faster, leaving competitors’ programs far behind.

Good news. CCleaner has a free version that will become your indispensable assistant. It differs from the paid version only by a couple of functions without which you can do. The Pro version with additional features includes real-time monitoring and scheduled cleaning.

There is also an excellent version of CCleaner for Mac, as well as versions for cloud services and smartphones. You can choose the most suitable application for yourself and use it on different devices. It is convenient, simple and economical. Even if you choose the paid version, it is still relatively inexpensive.

Glary Utilities 5

Best Productivity Apps for Windows in 2020 glary utilities

Glary Utilities 5 looks like a set of various tools that will be useful to you to optimize the operation of Windows.

The program has many possibilities for optimizing the PC, improving its performance qualitatively and quickly fixing errors. Using Glary Utilities 5, you can remove unwanted programs without much difficulty, detect and easily fix registry errors, free up disk space in various ways, change startup programs, defragment, split files, recover deleted files and perform some other tasks.

This tool is good because it allows you to choose exactly what you need. Here you can create your own program by choosing only what you need. Glary Utilities 5 gives freedom of action, which practically no other program gives. Try it, it’s definitely worth your time!

AVG TuneUp

 AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp supports many automated optimization features and is specifically designed for Windows computers. This means that the program can carefully analyze the Windows registry and identify any deeply hidden errors that can cause serious problems during normal operation.

In addition, you have a great opportunity to configure AVG TuneUp to automatically clear the old browser history, cookies, cache and any other garbage that may remain on your computer

AVG TuneUp also boasts “sleep mode” features that reduce the use of resources by installed applications that are not actively used. Finally, here is a convenient update manager that searches for all available updates for your applications and installs them with a single click.

Use this program to ensure that your computer always works without significant problems. 

Have you chosen? Have you downloaded?

Now you only need to choose your favorite program, install it on your Windows and optimize it in just a few clicks. This is a simple process, and the more often you do it, the better your computer works. When was the last time you optimized your PC? Perhaps you should do this now?

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We are waiting for you as much as your computer is waiting for optimization.


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