Many a times, we found that files created by us are corrupted. For example, you receive a mail which contains a word file. When you download it and try to open it, it shows the warning that the file is corrupted. It may also happen that files created by you are showing the same error. What does this term corrupted file means? In simple words, files whose creation was not done properly get corrupted. If the process of file creating gets interrupted for certain reason, then the file becomes corrupted. What are the conditions that may be responsible for file corruption? The factors are varied. It can happen due to sudden power failure, discharging on batteries, erroneous copy and duplicate of files, errors in the hard disk etc. Different types of files can be corrupted. From images, to system files, from PowerPoint presentations to doc files, any file can get ruined.

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In such circumstances, it becomes necessary for the users to repair the files. Honestly speaking, the Repair option you receive by default often turns out to be fruitless. But then there are certain third party applications that ace this challenge with utmost ease. The default file repair tool cannot retrieve the information correctly and ends up deleting the entire file. One of the atrocious outcomes of file corruption and file repair is when an entire doc file gets corrupted, resulting in the complete disappearance of the content. So, file repair is an important aspect of any file.

Why Steller Repair Toolkit is The Best MS Office File Repair Tool?

Here we have reviewed a software that serves to be a great file repair tool for MS Office files. This toolkit can repair MS Office files with absolutely no fail. The files that can be recovered from corruption are MS Word, MS, Excel, MS PowerPoint and zip files. Wondershare file repair tools can repair corrupted MS Word files to its original form without any modification or change. The same goes for MS Excel Repair. It fixes all issues of the Excel file and restores everything on a Blank Excel file. While the PowerPoint repair tool resolves the issues and restores the PowerPoint Objects, the zip file repair tool extracts valuable user data from corrupt or severely damaged ZIP files created in WinZip.

The software comes in two versions- one is the trial version and the other one is the paid version. First download the free version of Steller file Repair Tool kit from Wondershare. As the .exe file is downloaded, install it by opening it. The installation will take some time. As the process is completed, the software application will open. The app shows four repair options that have been discussed above.

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Next, select the type of repair you want. If you want to repair zip file, then select “Repair Zip File” and so on. You will be asked to choose a Drive. Choose one. The file type will already be selected “zip file”. the corrupted files that need to be mended will show up in the list below. If there is no such corrupted zip file in that drive, then no file will be listed there.

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You can manually select a file and repair it. The repair process is extremely fast and the software delivers the results within seconds. A log report is also generated for your clarification. The application is neatly designed with a lot of helpful features. the best part about the software is that it never lags. The software is efficient and is highly recommended.


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