Best Free Personal Finance Software

Proper distribution of personal finances involves constant monitoring of expenses. Do you want to start monitoring cash flows, to understand what accounts for the most costs and are they justified? Then use the free software.

You will be surprised how easy it is to manage finances efficiently. Applications allow you to create budgets, generate reports for further analysis.

Below we have prepared a list of software that will be useful no matter what device you use. Whether it is Windows, macOS, Linux, or a smartphone, you will find here the best option for managing personal finances. At the end of the article you will find a useful addition that will bring your financial situation to a new level.

What software is the best for personal finance?

For everyone, the best software is something individual. It is connected with the fact that everyone has their own needs.

Therefore, before looking for the perfect software, I’ll think it’s important to keep track of it. After all, finance is a broad concept. Among the metrics included in this term may be – investment, account management, savings and much more.

There are a huge number of programs, so everyone will certainly find their own version. Some are aimed at solving one problem, while others approach the issue comprehensively. Here you should understand what you need.

There are two types of applications – paid and free.

For everyday simple tasks, they are quite suitable without the need for payment. For complex business processes, accounting reports, there are still more paid products.

Review priorities and goals from time to time. After all, they tend to change. This is the secret of an ideal finance tracking application..


It is an online budget planning service. Its developer is Intuit, the creator of popular add-ons like TurboTax and Quickbooks.

Includes all financial transactions, displays an overview of expenses, budget, credit rating, accounts. Set individual goals, mentions, synchronize information between applications. Get even more personal finance information and optimize it.

The service is suitable for tracking investments and portfolio. You can use the browser version or application on the smartphone.


Desktop software that provides complete tracking of bank accounts, stocks, expenses, income. The basis is a double entry accounting for balanced books. Allows you to include several reports that make it possible to reflect financial data.

The software is suitable for organizing accounting for small businesses. The available tools are aimed at managing suppliers, customers, working with invoices, paying bills, salaries. The software is suitable for Windows, Mac OSX and even Linux.

Thanks to the additional application, you can track expenses in mobile mode. After downloading them to the advanced version for PC.

AceMoney Lite

A convenient option for financial management. Considered a great alternative to Quicken or Microsoft Money. It makes it possible to track cash flows in several currencies, expenses, monitor investments.

For your convenience, do online banking. The free version allows you to work with two accounts. With paid you can create an unlimited number of accounts. Software is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Personal Capital

Multifunctional software designed for budgeting, cost analysis, cash flow. He keeps track of investments and plans for retirement.

Great for investors and shows the effectiveness of your portfolio in the long term. Therefore, if the investment is not your profile, the software may not be entirely suitable.

Otherwise, if the goal is to save on training or retirement, free tools of this add-on will be very useful. Accessible via browser and smartphone apps.


Software, presented in several languages, available for all modern PC operating systems. Provides open source. Teach you how to manage your finances without special education, because it is so simple with this software.

Protect your data with a password and be calm for their safety. Among the main functions are tracking accounts, creating personal financial reports, budgeting. Entering transactions is carried out manually.


An effective way to understand what your money is spent on. The application shows how much money is left for a certain period of time after all costs. View your billing status by day, week, or month.

For those who wish to analyze cash flows in more detail, it is possible to view the money spent by category. For example, food, entertainment, etc. This approach helps to find out what you are spending the most and, if necessary, reduce your budget or redirect.


An application for the efficient allocation of resources. It provides simple recommendations for improving financial performance. It automatically forms a budget based on information obtained from your usual expenses, incomes, accounts.

What is important, it is saving money in a savings account. An interesting feature of the application is the possibility, for a nominal monthly payment, to receive advice from experts on financing and investments.

Free Budget Spreadsheets

For easier tracking of finances, where advanced software is not required, you can do with simpler tools. Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Sheets has several table templates designed for these tasks.

Enter the data of interest, and then do a periodic cost analysis to identify the irrational use of finances and further optimization.

How to compensate for the lack of finance?

Your client is late in payment, but do you need urgent financing? Then take advantage of financing accounts. Use an unpaid invoice as collateral to receive funds in advance.

The service allows not to stop business processes in anticipation of receipt of funds. You receive 85% of the amount immediately, the remaining 15% is held until payment is received from your client. It is from them that the fees will be deducted.

Do not pause the development of your business with invoice financing, getting an instant stream of money.

Try several applications and decide which one is best for you. Become financially literate in a simple and comfortable way, and most importantly free.

In the age of modern technology, specialized education is not required to learn how to correctly distribute financial flows and rationally use your personal budget.


Happiness is that best therapy. Use it to heal yourself and then others!


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