A major update has arrived in the Windows Store for the Beats Music app only for US users. Beats Music gives a whole new meaning to music experience by streaming the best of music in the right way. Listen to 20 million songs of your choice instantly or save it and listen later on. The app received numerous modifications. The new version you will be enjoying is the version 1.9. Check out for the update below. I’m sure you will love it absolutely.

Beats Music app for Windows Phone received a major update

The new feature that you’ll love in this latest version is its fast performance.
The app works 200% faster. The size has been reduced greatly from 8MB to 4 MB. Startup time of the application is reduced by half and response time is made twice as fast as it was. Bug fixes and performance modifications have also been done.

So don’t wait and just update your Beats Music app and have a faster music experience. If you do not have a choice of music in your mind go for any of the available options Just for you, The sentence, Highlights. Find it and Share options help you to find out a song, and share it with your friends.

Beats Music is a paid service with a subscription amount of $9.99 a month – only available in the US.


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