Band Sensor Monitor is emerging to be a powerful app for Microsoft Band that will be able to stream live data with Microsoft Band. The application is developed by Venetasoft and aims for streaming data directly to web the concept will be helpful to aged people who can easily keep track of their basic health factors like heart rate, pulse rate, skin temperature etc. Even young people will be served immensely and they can stream data live even when they take part in some sports. The application works in collaboration with Azure services. The information which Band Sensor Monitor will provide are listed below:

Band Sensor Monitor app now supports live data streaming to Microsoft Band

The Sensors of Microsoft Band are as follows:

Heart Rate frequency (Bpm)
Skin temperature (F°)
Galvanic Skin Response (KOhm)
Ultra Violet index (UV)
Ambient Light Sensor (Lux)
Movement sensor
Step sensor
Battery sensor with 1% steps

Real time: last minute with 1s rate
History: all collected data from app start

When you want to stream data to Microsoft Band, follow the steps below:

1. First, you will have to open Band Sensor App on Microsoft Band with your Phone on and paired with the Microsoft Band.
2. Next, launch the app Band Sensor Monitor.
3. After that, tap the Band in the top right corner and select Share Sensors.
4. Next, the generated app key should be accessed.
5. On a separate PC, navigate to the following location

Brand Sensor Monitor app will let you embed Microsoft Band sensors in real time including the hidden ones which are not directly exposed by the companion app. So it will consume a lot of battery power which is a constraint. Band Sensor Monitor is a very useful application and is available for $1.99 along with a free trial version.

Source and download link: Band Sensor Monitor


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