Since a while there has been speculations that Alcatel has promised a superphone. Earlier in the begininng of this year, Alcatel introduced two Windows 10 smartphones OneTocuh Fierce XL and the Pixi 3 devices running Windows 10 Mobile. The superphone was announced by Senior Vice President of Alcatel company of the North America region, Steve Cistulli. Now that the company is planning to release the Windows 10 superphone, it seems that the superphone is going to be impressive.

Alcatel Idol Pro 4 may be the talked about Superphone

The superphone in context is the Idol Pro 4. This Windows 10 flagship device will incorporate some real good hardware teamed up with the latest Windows 0 operating system. The most interesting aspect of the device is the Continuum support for Idol Pro 4. With this support you can use the device as a pocket PC and enjoy a PC-like experience by connecting it to input devices like monitor, keyboard and mouse. The phone will also sport a Full HD display. Idol Pro 4 will team up with T-Mobile in the United States.

Check out the important specs in a brief:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
Continuum for phone support
Full HD display
Coming to T-Mobile US

What’s your expectation with superphone Idol Pro 4? Let us know in comments.


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