This article will help you to adjust Processor Scheduling for Best Performance in Windows 8. Windows Operating systems utilizes the resources of a computer’s Central processing Unit for performing various tasks among one or some of the processors of a computer provided the processor is multi-core. For best performance processor scheduling is set to foreground programs but if your machine is functioning as a server choosing background services is the best option to perform the scheduling functions quickly. There are certain functions like system backup which are preferred to be run while setting the scheduling to background services. So when you have to perform such function, you can change the default setting for the time being and once this processing is over, switch back to the default settings.

Processor Scheduling

In this way a perfect balance can be maintained between foreground and background programs by proper utilization of resources. The following tutorial will help you to adjust processor scheduling for best performance in Windows 8 and the one important thing that should be kept in mind is that you must be logged in as administrator before going through the following steps.

Steps to Adjust Processor Scheduling for Best Performance in Windows 8

1. Press Windows Key + X and click on System.

Click on System

2. Now click on Advanced System Settings in the left pane.

Advanced System Settings

3. Click on Settings.


4. Now select the AdvancedTab.

Advanced Tab

5. Now if you want to adjust scheduling for best performance of Programs, check option Programs or if you want to adjust scheduling for best performance of Background Services, select that option. Click OK to save changes.

Programs or Background Services


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