Windows has different services globally like the Hotmail, Messenger/Skype, SkyDrive, Windows Phone, Xbox LIVE, Zune, Office Live, and Microsoft account which was formally known as the Windows Live ID now allows aliasing of different emails but the same account. This is the opposite of the concept adapted by Google. Whereas Google uses one id in every sub, Microsoft allows you to create different emails to be used as alias. That is you can use anyone of the emails anytime with the common password. Not only, that if you have more than one Microsoft ID you can merge the two accounts. Then one of the account will be accepted as the primary alias and the others will be secondary. You can change to any id for assigning primary alias or even remove it. The following tutorial will help you to create and remove alias for Microsoft account.

Add or Remove Aliases for your Microsoft Account

Steps to Add or Remove Aliases for your Microsoft Account

1. First log in with your Microsoft account by going to this address

2. Under Account Aliases option, click on Add or change aliases.


3. Now, click on Add Alias.

Add Alias Click

4. If you want to add a newly created alias id, then check the option Create a new email address and add it as an alias and click on Add Alias.

Create Add

5. New aliases are thus created. You can remove an alias, by clicking on Remove , or add some more, or change the primary alias.

New Alias


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