Zipped file compresses your files into a single folder and reduces the file size. Zipped file adds a basic level of security to the files within the zipped file. But that security is not sufficient. Sometimes we need to insert password in order to maintain the integrity of the files within the zipped folder. So, you can password protect an archive or zipped file. While creating the archived file, you can add password to the file. But if you have created an archived folder and not added password, you can add it afterwards. This password will be required by the recipient when he/she wants to extract the files. WinRAR file compression software can serve your purpose quite efficiently. The following tutorial will help you add password to an existing archived file.

Steps to Add A Password To An Existing Archived or Zipped File

1. First download WinRar and install the .exe file.

2. Now open an archived folder with WinRAR. Right click on an archived file, go to Open With and select WinRAR.

select user

3. Next, open Tool and go to Convert Archives.

select user

4. The Convert archives window will open. Now, the archive you right-clicked will be added to the ‘Archives to convert’ section. Click on the ‘Compression’ button.

select user

5. The ‘Set default compression options’ window will open. Click on ‘Set password’ and enter a password for the archive. The Enter Password window will let you encrypt the archive. You can check it and encrypt the archive the same time you add a password to it.

6. Click OK.


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