Pondering through various researches for several spans, Microsoft had just stepped into a Single email experience across platforms, devices and the web. In this long run they had to toggle from Microsoft Mail to Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, Exchange, Outlook.com and Mail on Windows 8 but definitely for good indeed.

A first look at the new Outlook on the desktop

Windows 10 brings home “mail” with its very own identity. Though there lies a difference between the products like Outlook.com on the web and Outlook Mail on Windows 10 and Outlook on Office, but now all of them seems to point out that, “Outlook means mail.”

New Outlook experiences in Office 2016 Preview, Windows 10 IT Pro and Developers Preview on cell provides the integrated Outlook capabilities to date. Being cloud-connected, it integrates the attachments with machine learning to get rid of your inbox with an upgraded look.

Advantages of Outlook Mail and Calender in Windows 10 Technical Preview are as follows : “rich authoring capabilities, improved touch support with new swipe gestures for inbox triage and pinch zoom feature in Calender, broader list of email services and protocols. The new Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android are now on same pace as the Outlook on your PC of Mac.”

Ben Walters and host Jeremy Chapman paved the way through Outlook for Office 2016, the new Outlook Mail and Outlook Calender apps for Windows 10, and the Outlook cross-platform play on iOS and Android.

Its quite a regret, that we are still out of reach to one percent with the Outlook Mail and Calender apps on Windows 10. Lets hope for its fast progress and Outlook gets its popular complements from user experience whether on PC, a phone or on the web.


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