The control button on the keyboard helps us with many shortcuts. There are a plethora of functions that you can perform with different keys from the keyboard and the Control button. So, for beginners, here is a list of CTRL commands that will help you.

windows 10

Ctrl+A : Select All entries

Ctrl+B : Bold selected text

Ctrl+C : Copy selected text or item

Ctrl+D : Bookmark open web page

Ctrl+E : Center text

Ctrl+F : Open Find window

Ctrl+G : Open Favorites sidebar in IE. Opens Find and Replace in Word

Ctrl+H : Open Find and Replace in Microsoft Word.

Ctrl+I : Make text Italics

Ctrl+P : Open print window

Ctrl+R : Reload page in browser. Right align text in Word

Ctrl+S : Save an opened document

Ctrl+T : Create a new tab in IE

Ctrl+U : Underline selected text

Ctrl+V : Paste copied objects

Ctrl+J : Opens View downloads in IE browsers

Ctrl+K : Create hyperlink for selected text in Microsoft Word

Ctrl+L : Select address in address bar in browser. Left align text in Word

Ctrl+M : Indent selected text in word processing software

Ctrl+N : Create New instance of the document or program

Ctrl+O : Open a new file

Ctrl+W : Close tab in IE or Word document

Ctrl+X : Cut selected object

Ctrl+Y : Redo the ‘Undo’ action.

Ctrl+Z : Undo any action

Ctrl+Esc : Open Start Screen or Start Menu

Ctrl+Tab : Switch to the next child window of a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) program

Ctrl+Shift+Esc : Opens Task Manager in Windows 8

Ctrl+WinKey+F  : Opens Find computer box

Ctrl+Alt+Del : Opens screen to Lock, Switch users, Task manager etc.


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